Simplified categorization, better overview and search with ServiceTags.

ServiceTags gives you the opportunity to tag requests and quickly find all requests with the same tag.

Categories in SuerOffice Service is useful when differentiating one inquiry grouping from another. Categories may, however, not always be suitable when differentiating requests containing several topics. One service request can include a product order, an invoice question as well as a product question.

In order to solve this, Ganske Enkelt have created ServiceTags, which allows you to tag requests and inquiries with the relevant areas the customer asks for. You then get quick statistics and a good overview of what the inquiry concerns so that you can improve, simplify and speed up the process for both for the customers and for the customer service representative.

Have you wished you in a better way could categorize customer inquiries? For example, when:

an incoming customer inquiry contains several questions and topics?
you want to find a previously closed request, without having to look up the ticket number?
you want to get an overview of the number of requests that deal with the same subject area?
you want to get an overview of trends and history for all incoming requests over a certain period of time?

Prices and terms

ServiceTags has a monthly cost of NOK 590 per month, which will be invoiced on a yearly basis in advance. The agreement period is valid for 12 months at a time, with a notice period of 30 days.