Verified for SuperOffice

Streamline your SuperOffice document processes and ensure an intuitive and great experience for your recipient(s).

We teamed up with Nordic e-signing and workflow experts in Verified (Vipps partner of the year 2020).

Together, we are taking document signing in SuperOffice to the next level. Securing a great signing experience when your recipients are signing your documents.

With Verified for SuperOffice you can define tailored signing processes which simplifies the task of getting documents signed. As an example, onboarding a new customer often requires signing a default set of documents within a given timeframe and a standardized notification message. When these variables are predefined, users can initiate the process faster and with less room for mistakes.

Although the SuperOffice user experience is important, your customer/recipient always comes first. Verified is an award-winning and user-friendly signing tool that ensures a frictionless process for the recipient. It is all about reducing the number of clicks and cognitive loads on behalf of the recipient. This is the most important driver for reducing lead time.

Key features in Verified for SuperOffice

Sign SuperOffice documents easily with predefined signing processes
Available signing methods: BankID (Norway/Sweden), e-mail and touch signing
Build signing processes by defining document types, signing methods, attachments, and notification messages
Documents can be signed by one or multiple signers
Automatically remind customers who haven’t signed on time
Create text messages with content tailored to separate phases of the signing process and include template variables in the message to personalise it
Keep track of active processes with the built-in dashboard
The app supports file types DOCX and PDF

Prices and terms

Verified for SuperOffice has a monthly cost depending on which subscription you want to install. Choose between Free, Go, or Premium. The app will be invoiced on a yearly basis in advance. The number of users will be correlated with the number of SuperOffice users in your SuperOffice subscription. The agreement period is valid for 12 months at a time, with a notice period of 30 days. In addition, a metered cost per signed document will incur, see the prices below.

Note that:

  • Free and Go subscriptions require an agreement with Ganske Enkelt AS.
  • Premium subscriptions require an agreement with both Ganske Enkelt AS and Verified AS/Verified Global AB.
Pricing Free Go Premium
Monthly price 1-10 users (NOK) 0 515 730
Monthly price 11+ users (NOK) 0 830 1.150
BankID NO / SE (NOK per signature) 16 11
E-mail / easysign (NOK per signature) 43 13 8
SMS notification (NOK per notification) 5,5 4,5 3,3
Verified subscription required No No Yes
SMS/e-mail/touch signature Yes Yes Yes
SMS notifications Yes Yes Yes
BankID Norway Yes Yes
Bank ID Sweden Yes Yes
Number of signing processes 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Automatic reminders Yes Yes Yes
NemID (Danmark) Available
FTN (Finland) Available
AML Data Lookup Available
Separate Verified account Yes
Access to Verified dashboards Yes
ID Check Physical Person Available
ID Check Legal Person Available
Data Protection Agreement Standard Standard Customizable

For growth and development, we are very pleased that we have a partner as Ganske Enkelt on the team.

Odd Magne SkånsengSystem directorN3zones Group