EN : When use of «Send as e-mail»-function on a document, the document doesn’t attach to the e-mail



In activity-tab, when I right-click on a document and use the function "Send as e-mail",
a new email-window opens up without the attachment.

Related symptons, when you have the "new e-mail"-window without attachement:
- If I click on "Send", a message-box appear with "Operation failed".
- When I click on the "Save" in Maillink-addin to swap between "Archive ON" and "Archive OFF" to SuperOffice, nothing happens.
- When I use the Maillink-addin (in Outlook) to attach a new attachment, the document I've chosen doesn't attach to the e-mail.
- A message from trayapp says "Outlook waiting for response from server" sometimes.

Functions working:
- New e-mail from Outlook, can add attachment from Maillink-addin in Outlook.
- Inbox-button in SuperOffice opens Outlook inbox.
- Maillink is active and can switch between "Archive ON" and "Archive OFF".

Use Cache mode for your Exchange-account in Outlook.

1. Click on File-tab 

2. Account settings -> Account settings

3. Doubleclick on your Exchange-account, or mark the account and press change

4. Check the checkbox for "Use Cache Mode"

5. Restart your Outlook.

Source Cache Mode on/off

Users who have this issue, is using a Office365 or have a hosted Exchange who timeout the function-call somehow.
Cache-mode will do the response-time faster for the function.

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