*Ribbon is deactivated Outlook 2013


How to enable SuperOffice MailLink

1. Click File and the select options

2. You'll get a new windows, in this window select "Add-Ins". At the bottom of the list on the right you'll get "Manage", this is where you can select "Disabled Items" in the dropdown list. Press the GO button after selecting "Disabled items"

3. If "SuperOffice.Ribbon" is visible in this list you'll have to mark that line and then hit "Enable". Close the window afterwards.

4. You'll now be back where you were, you'll need to select "COM Add-ins" and press the GO button now.

5. You will now get the windows for all of the "COM add-ins" in your outlook. Look for the one called "SuperOffice ribbons". Set the check mark on it and press "OK".

6. Restart Outlook.


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