Superoffice – Create e-mail template with Outlook


How do we create an e-mail template using Outlook?

This guide will take you through the steps needed to create an e-mail template for SuperOffice using Outlook.


The first thing that needs to be in place is a registry key. This key needs editing HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareSuperOfficeMailLink 

The value of the "ExportEnabled" needs to be set to "True". Default value is disabled. 

If you don't know what registry is or your having trouble changeing the value, contact your IT department and they can most likely help you out.


Setting the value to True will enable this button in Outlook:


Now that we have the function needed to create an e-mail template, we can start by having a look at how to actually create one.


1. Start Outlook and create a new empty e-mail. Notice that the new e-mail also containg the new button "Export to SoMail":



2. Create the e-mail template the way you want with fonts etc, filling in SuperOffice template variables where relevant. (SuperOffice template variables can be found in the help file for SuperOffice).


Here's a short example of what it could look like:



3. When you are happy with the look of the template hit the "Export to SoMail" button, this will prompt you with a save dialog. Give the file a good describing filename, notice that the filetype is .somail (do not change this).

You can choose to save the template to your desktop or directly into the template folder for SuperOffice, if you choose to save it to desktop it needs to be copied into the SO_ARCtemplate folder before it can be used.



4. Now that we have created an e-mail template from scratch we need to have a look at an issue when using the "Export to SoMail" function. You will notice that when using the template from SuperOffice the template variables doesn't get filled in, this is because there's a problem with the code in the template. To fix this to as shown below.

Open then e-mail template you saved using Notepad og Notepad ++


When opened you'll want to hit ctrl+f to find the template variables you used in your template. Each one needs a bit of tweaking. In this screenshot I've used ctrl+f and searched for my variable "atfn" which was used earlier, and found it inside the html code:


If you look at the variable you'll notice that it's missing the {} tags, this is why it not's filling in when using the template. If you look close you'll see that the {} tags are moved outside of the <span> tag.


You'll need to move these tags so it looks like this:


If you're having trouble changing this value, feel free to contact us and we can try to help you.

Well now thats out of the way, take a few minutes and catch your breath..


5. Log in to SuperOffice and go to "Settings and maintenance":

6. Go the the Lists option on the left side and into the Document Template list:


7. Press "Add", upload the template file and choose the settings you want. Save the changes you made.

8. You can now use your freshly created e-mail template.




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